Tristate Brain & Spine Institute
Providing Excellence in Brain and Spine Care

At our state of the art facility the highly trained, experienced and caring staff can offer the right treatment for your complex spine and pain care.  Included in our services are in house imaging using our state of the art open sided MRI machine, the truly minimally invasive OLLIF procedure, the minimally invasive SI Joint fusion, and injections.

Our in house imaging services include X-Ray, CT and our open sided MRI.  The Esota G-scan Brio's open and tilting design is the new innovative way of doing a MRI in which the position of the patient becomes an integral part of the examination.

The OLLIF procedure is a revolutionary minimally invasive approach to spinal surgery.  This surgery typically results in less blood loss than traditional methods, smaller incision sites, and less trauma to the surrounding areas that may lead to less pain and a faster recovery.

Sacroiliac (SI) Joint fusion is a minimally invasive surgical procedure for patients with sacroiliac joint dysfunction and/or inflammation (sacroilitis) who have not gained relief from conservative care.  This procedure offers minimal incision size, immediate post-operative stabilization, true bone fusion, and the potential for a rapid recovery.

Physical Therapy may help with areas where your mobility and flexibility has been limited by injury or spinal surgery.  Therapists will work with you to develop an individualized training program to make your recovery as positive as possible. 
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